Moodle Tutorials For Teachers

Moodle Tutorials For Teachers:

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Adding Files from Skydrive:
Adding a Glossary:

Adding an RSS Feed:

Think of RSS feeds as free content for your web pages. You can include word of the day feeds, news of the day feeds, pet of the day, quote of the day, this day in history and more. Infoplease has a nice selection of RSS feeds for you to use--with directions! Once you add them to your webpage, you can forget them They will update themselves automatically!
RSS feeds for educations:

You can also teach students and teachers how to locate and use RSS feeds. RSS is all about managing information, so it fits into the job description! They will thank you for it!

Resources and Activities Explanation:

Adding a Link to Moodle:
Adding a Link to a File from external website:

Quickly Copy Activities in Moodle:

Creating a Questionnaire:

Adding Audio Files:

Creating a Simple Discussion Forum:

Create and HTML or Text Page in Moodle:

Adding an Image and/or Video to Homepage: