Voicethread in the Classroom

Examples from Osceola High School:

These Voicethreads were created by Robb Kolodziej as a way to communicate with his students while he was on a trip to Panama:

This is one example of how the peer tutors use voicethread to create tutorials for the students they work with:

This is an example of how to use voicethread as a project/presenation tool. This voicethread was created over the span of a year while I did my own personal research on my grandfathers World War Two service. I compiled all of my research findings on this voicethread so it could easily be shared with family members, and so they could collaborate on the research if they wanted. This was my personal research project, so it is more in depth then students might typically go, but it is an example of how they could use this tool instead of writing a paper or creating a powerpoint.